A little over a year after the spectacular success of his K2 SKI CHALLENGE project, on the 27th of August 2019, Andrzej Bargiel and his team left for Kathmandu to embark on the latest instalment of his original, long-term project, HIC SUNT LEONES. Since 2013, he has been skiing from the highest mountain peaks on Earth. The goal of this year’s expedition, the EVEREST SKI CHALLENGE, is ascent and a ski descent down Mount Everest.

A ski descent down Mt. Everest (elevated 8,848m above sea level) is a real challenge. It is to demonstrate that skiing is possible even on the Roof of the World. The date of the expedition is not coincidental: autumn is a period when Everest is fairly free from other expeditions due to snowy weather, providing, in turn, the best conditions for skiing. The expedition is scheduled to last five weeks and its acme, reaching and attempting to ski from the summit, will have taken place by the end of September 2019.

The expedition members: Bartłomiej Bargiel (drone operator), Grzegorz Bargiel (International Mountain Guide, Tatra Mountain Rescue), Jakub Gzela (cinematographer), Marek Ogień (photographer), Grzegorz Pajak (cinematographer) , Jakub Poburka (Tatra Mountain Rescue), Piotr Snopczyński (Alpine and Himalayan mountaineer, GOPR mountain rescue)

EVEREST SKI CHALLENGE expedition strategic partner is a Polish national property developer, Murapol S.A. Andrzej’s sports partner is Red Bull. The expedition partner is Mercedes-Benz Poland. Andrzej’s equipment partner is Salomon. The Challenge uniform is once again kindly provided by Pajak Sport.

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